The Easy Way To Create Index For Pdf Files

By Sam Miller

Because PDF files have certainly become very popular in use, there would definitely be so many PDF files stored in just about any personal computer. Whether you use this computer for business or personal use, there will definitely be many PDF files saved. And there will surely come a time when you would need to lift or use a particular PDF file from the many files that you have. But what if you do not remember the exact filename, or even bits and pieces of the filename, then you will surely have a hard time browsing through the many folders that contain PDF files. This is precisely why it is important for you to create index for your PDF files.

There are so many applications all over the web and the computer industry that can help you create such a scenario for your PDF files. And if you have one of these ap


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plications, then you will definitely see just how convenient having this can be. One particular scenario that would make you feel so grateful to have the application handy is when you need a certain PDF file or a number of PDF files for a presentation or report that you are giving. Let us say that the meeting is starting in just a matter of minutes, and you still do not have the PDF files that you need. With the help of the application, and the creation of index for your PDF files, the search for these files can be made so much easier.

But you should not rely on the application that you have installed in your system alone. Mind you, there are still certain steps that you would have to undertake, so that the system can be as efficient as it ought to be. So, just what are these steps?

The first step is that you should choose how you want to create an index for your PDF files. You have a couple of choices here. You can choose to go with the short index or the long index. The short index pertains to just keywords that are contained in the text portion of your PDF files. The long index, however, has the contents of your PDF files in full.

Once you have cleared the first step, the next is to decide the file path for your system. One option here is to create a full path so that you can save the file index anywhere you want to. Another option is to create a relative path, by means of a searchable CD. The next step is then to select the target location where you want the index to be saved. Thus, whenever you create an index for a PDF file, it would be stored in the target location.

Once you’re done here, you can then choose the folders and the particular PDF files that you want to index. When these files have been specified, you can then let your reliable application do the rest of the work for you! The application will then proceed to indexing your PDF files, just as you have specified in your settings. Thus, when you want to create index for your PDF files, you really do not have to do so much on your part! This is indeed an easy process to complete!

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